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solar pavilions

Not all Solar Canopies cover parked cars. There is a growing movement for special purpose Solar Pavilions so as to provide employees and visitors with an outdoor, inspirational seating area. Restaurants and other public venues are following their lead, as are school districts and municipalities. Structural Solar LLC designs, manufactures and installs functional, durable, attractive and economical “module ready” Solar Pavilions. Each one is unique and can really make your business stand out from crowd. Some are waterproof while others offer translucent light to reflect through. Whatever your requirement, Structural Solar LLC will take your concept and develop it quickly and seamlessly according to your PV requirements.

If you are looking to give your company or a certain area of your business a certain WOW factor, or just plain want to go green and help the environment, we have a Solar Pavilion that can reach your goals. These amazing structures can be placed in any type of business including residential and commercial sites.

Structural Solar LLC specializes in Commercial, Institutional and Government project and provides signed and sealed structural design drawings for all states across the country including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. No project is too small or too large and is treated with the same professionalism and attention to detail.

Durable with an integrated aluminum racking system, Structural Solar designs Solar Pavilions to look great and most importantly: LAST! Our solar structures offer low or no maintenance for 25 years or longer. Structural Solar LLC provides durability and architectural quality at structural values. Whether it be the grand ballroom or a farmer’s market.

If it’s solar, we invite you to inquire.

Solar Pavilions… “Our structures, your solar panels”

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