Solar Carports and Vehicle Charging Stations

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solar carports

Structural Solar LLC designs, manufactures and installs functional, durable, attractive and economical “module ready” solar carports and vehicle charging stations. Many think that one parking lot is the same as the other, but each is unique. Structural Solar LLC will take your requirements and concepts and develop them to completion as an inspirational and functionally designed structure that meets your budget and project schedule. We will engage early to value engineer each project so as to maximize the PV while lowering the cost.

Solar carports can be constructed in Commercial, Institutional and Government project settings across North America with clear span structures of up to 100′. Solar carports are talking-point structures that will make your site stand out. We provide signed and sealed structural design drawings and construction services anywhere across the country including Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Solar vehicle charging stations can also be incorporated into our solar carport structures and add much-desired value to the ever expanding user base of battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Allow your users to take advantage of these state-of-the-art green powered solar vehicle charging stations.

Durable solar carports with an integrated aluminum racking system, Structural Solar LLC designs are made to last…with low or no maintenance solar structures for 25 years or longer. The structures are not only functional as elevated solar arrays, but are “brandable”, highly visible and provide shade, asset protection and inspirational awareness to the location.

Most important, Structural Solar LLC provides durability and architectural quality at structural values. As measured against virtually any cost basis whether it is installed cost per watt or cost of ownership, Structural Solar LLC provides the lowest cost solar carports and vehicle charging stations in the North American market.

If it’s solar, we invite you to inquire.

Solar Carports and Vehicle Charging Stations… “Our structures, your solar panels”

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